Is it time for your left brain to release its tight grasp on the need to always be right? 

Follow your INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE.  It will not steer you wrong.

Superpower: Ignite your intuitive intelligence, a 12-episode docuseries that explores what scientists are learning about our intuitive abilities. 

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Reclaim your power.
Decide to trust your inner abilities.

A revolutionary, 12-episode docuseries featuring global experts who will INSPIRE you to do that.

What would it be to release the fear that keeps us chained to belief systems that do not serve us?

Will you allow yourself to feel confident about your own ability to guide your life?

Will you choose to trust yourself to make decisions that help, not hinder?

The universal truth is that EVERYTHING is energy.

If your energy is unhealthy, guaranteed your body and mental health are too.

In this documentary film series, multiple real-life stories support repeat results and the data our experts reveal.

Tips from masters help relieve the stress, overwhelm, and fear, to quiet your world enough to hear what your wiser self is telling you.

Science is finally catching up with what mystics have known for thousands of years. Our experts will discuss what our government and corporations have been using for decades.

If they are using it, why aren’t YOU??

For the sake of inner peace, great health, and joy, know that you are fully supported to self-empower and cultivate your innate intuitive ability.

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Cultivate health, peace, and happiness by igniting your intuitive intelligence.

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This project is the best I have ever seen. It is on the scale of “Frontline”, or better. ~Doug H.

Appreciate very much your efforts on bringing such important researched messages to the world! ~Catherine C.

Thought it would be interesting. It was extraordinary!!! An incredible presentation. ~Beverly L.

YOUR LINE UP is massively impressive.  ~Suji B.


The episode was great and very impactful for my 15 year old son.  We homeschool and we are counting these episodes as classwork.  We get into dialogue and research and learning a lot.  … we are loving the work you have done!  ~Lesley G.

It would be nice to see this on Prime or Netflix in the future. I am enjoying it and others would enjoy it also.   ~Candace

Brilliant! 1000 thank you’s for not just hearing, but listening! ~Ollire L.

I’ve been spreading the word in hopes that many more will watch. Such important information for all of humanity.  ~Carla M.

Ignite your intuitive intelligence with the Superpower docuseries

This 12-part docuseries features episodes that address our every-day lives.
Let go of fear and overwhelm so that you may tap into your most powerful self.

Learn from the scientists, doctors, and researchers who have been studying consciousness for decades

Invite your friends and family to join you!

Help us make the world a more intuitive place. We invite you to take a moment to reflect on those people you share your day with. Is there anyone who could benefit from learning to connect to their inner voice? Yes? So, go ahead and post this page! Be sure to tag them, too, so they don’t miss out.

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This documentary is revolutionary and life changing!! Thank you so much for making it! ❤️  ~Dani C.

I want thanks you for this amazing work. Lot of knowledge and information that are hard to find and discuss elsewhere. ~Dario C.

I’ve been eagerly watching the episodes and learning so much, feeling my consciousness expand beyond the bounds of what I considered possible … It is a gift to humanity. ~Genet B.

I just wanted to thank you for this lovely film,it was like coming home….~Helen P.

Can I please congratulate you on this amazing documentary series as it’s the best I’ve ever seen….!!!  ~Andrea L.

 I didn’t want the episodes to end!  ~Terry H.

I just wanted to let you know that If I could watch dozens of hours more of the kind of content you produced for this series, I would. In a heartbeat. Please keep doing what you’re doing. I am so grateful for this content. ~Tori F.

Wonderful episodes, Danny! Created with the eyes of a woman!!! ~Kersti in Sweden

I sometimes feel I’m alone in this world… As I watch documentaries like these that you have beautifully put together, my faith in humanity returns.  I want to bless you from the bottom of my heart for producing this, and bringing more new scientific research and knowledge to us…  ~Wendy W.

I’m very grateful and privileged to have better insight on how to find joy, happiness, peace and love by tapping into ones own intuitive intelligence…The direction of the future…. ~Mary M.

You hit it out of the park with episode 6 (The Gender Trap). ~Eddie W.

It’s wonderfully rich and the pacing is engaging. The amount of content and expert voices is fabulous. ~ Mal M.

Thank you all SO much for this amazing series! I had felt fairly aware before, but have been enormously enlightened on so many interconnected topics. So very grateful you put this together…! ~Nicolette D.

thank you for providing such wonderful and life changing content.  All my life I have been busy doing what I have had to do, and now it is my turn to awaken. ~Marc M.

This is a great series and it has helped me by explaining some things in simpler ways than I have heard from other sources. ~Stuart

I found it totally absorbing, very well informed and delivered in an accessible manner and of high quality. I particularly appreciated that it was not lengthy and the way it had been edited … I felt I was really enabled to take away so much from the contributors.I was absorbed by all the speakers…Please may there be more of this!!  ~Denise I.

This series is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Some new information for me. Some reminders. …The second episode made me feel alive and excited and near tears. Renewed my desire to grow in this area and realize how much I want this body of knowledge to be a part of my every day life as a full awareness and engagement. Thank you.  ~Laura P.

This is incredibly wonderful!!  …I will repeat watching all of them again.  Very inspiring, stimulating and awakening episodes.  It reminds you what fell by the wayside when you were trying to feed your family!  Now that I am retired I can embrace all these wonderful energies and gifts again.  Thank you so much… ~Judith H.

Just want say thank you for this awesome series! I feel SO inspired! ~ Kely P.

The presentation of this information is wonderful!  It ties together many ‘strings’ and helps explain many things. ~Mary T.

OMG – mind blown… Thank you for bringing this to our attention 🙂 xxxxx  ~Emma R.

…the clearest step by step message for people to see where all this is headed. You have done a superb job of showing the newcomers what they might face and how to proceed. And even more exciting, you are putting Spirituality together with Science. …Such possibility you have opened for human potential…. Thank you! ~Martina D.

So my husband and I have been on the outs for quite some time. … He just finished watching the very first episode with Annalise. Never in 1 million years did I think I hear him say he understood it. It all made total sense to him. He realizes why he was so fixed in left brain and not able to open up to wonder and possibility. I haven’t been able to get him to watch anything. You have no idea how big this is. I’m not sure what kind of award shows they have for things like this, but you might want to find an outfit.   ~Cari

….you have opened up thousands of people to starting to listen to their own intuition….at a time when we are faced where people do not even know what news source to give validity to, this is the time to start growing the skill called intuition…. ~Miranda A.

I always had the thought that our body is able to heal itself. Now I know I was right. ~Greta G.

I would like to say thank you, it is difficult for me to put into words the whole range of emotions I felt while watching these documentaries.  I am simply more self-aware and therefore – thank you for an exceptional experience.  ~Tea R.