Mama Cat, LLC

The idea of Mama Cat, LLC started in January 2017 as a co-adventure with my daughter, Sheridan, to manifest our first work together: writing and illustrating a children’s picture book about learning how to take personal responsibility. And so, “Much to Do Before a Dog” was born.

That said, all that Mama Cat is and all that Mama Cat does isn’t about me or my daughter.  It’s about something way bigger than us.

Our goal when we started was to collectively help 10 million families raise emotionally functional and physically healthy children. We envision a world where all children, from the moment they are a seed planted in their parents’ minds, are wanted, respected and treated as intelligent humans, raised with patience, kindness, generosity, and compassion through mindful, authoritative parenting from adults who value and pass on the love of learning.

As our book launched, Sheridan left for college. The door was open to realize my own next journey. And as such, Superpower was ignited!

Superpower Is Ignited!

Superpower: Ignite your intuitive intelligence is a 10-episode docuseries that reveals the scientific data supporting intuition, historical perspectives, and expert tips on how one may tap into one’s own abilities to experience every-day, extraordinary successes.

Our Mission: to give people the volition to jettison the pressures of external sources and reclaim and operate from one’s internal authority to positively affect change.

Danny Explains Why She Made This Film

Fear. Overwhelm. Illness.

A New Intuitive Generation

Powerful People

I funded this film with my life savings. Know that the purchase of any one of the three packages we offer will help me continue my work to spread the information we all need to thrive. If you cannot purchase the series but would like to support our work, please click on the Donate button below.

Will you climb aboard our train to spread the truth about intuition? Will you share word of the Superpower series? Together, we can come out of the collective closet to make this world a more peaceful, fulfilling place in which to exist. It can work if we all plug in!

Superpower Team

We have an incredible group of dedicated and passionate people behind the scenes developing this groundbreaking docuseries.

Danny Blitz – Director & Executive Producer

With a formal education in musical theatre and then performing on Broadway, the life-fulfillment journey continued organizing for LGBTQ rights, caring for those with AIDS, studying martial arts, becoming a private pilot, staying in aviation for 10 years, raising her daughter as a stay-at-home, solo-parent-by-choice, and co-authoring a children’s book with her daughter. Danny attributes her successes and decisions through her intuitive co-creation with Spirit, listening to and following the messages and synchronicities.

Karl Morton IV – Editor

Karl is a proficient and dedicated post production veteran with decades of experience cutting all sorts of things. He has no problem with deadlines, but the one for this bio comes at a very inconvenient moment indeed. OK back to work now…

Eric Foster - Director of Photography

Eric, a native of Southern California, walked onto his first film set at the age of 16 and worked his way up the ranks to Gaffer and eventually to Director of Photography. For Eric it’s about synthesizing life’s experiences to augment his creative scope. He believes creativity is driven by the people, places, events, and emotions collected along life’s road. Eric’s unique life perspective began early on when he spent summers in Germany with his grandparents. It was during those summers, that he acquired an appreciation for all things different.

Southern California

George Maxwell - Director of Photography

George Maxwell is an award winning Director of Photography and Lighting Designer. His work can be regularly viewed on Netflix, Fox, NBC and many other networks.

Dennis Schweitzer – Production Sound Mixer

Dennis received his Masters in Fine Arts from Ohio University in 2005 before relocating to southern California in 2012, where he lives out his passion for surfing, jazz, and everything faster than 200 miles per hour. He worked on episodic shows ranging from Lucha Underground to Grey’s Anatomy before making the switch to mixing commercials and promotional content that more reflects his penchant for auto racing and motorsports. Dennis has mixed commercials and marketing campaigns for Red Bull Formula 1 team, Lamborghini, Mercedes AMG, as well as BMW.

Robert Moreno - Camera Operator - Gaffer

Robert is a freelance documentary filmmaker based out of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. He creates his own herbal medicine and performs chakra cleanses and guided meditations for friends and family. Upon hearing about this project, he was happy to become a part of it to combine both of his passions into one.

Northern California

John C. Taylor - Production Sound Mixer

Emmy award winning production sound mixer with over 30 years experience for TV, features, documentary, commercials, industrial. Have microphones, will travel.

Grant Goodrich – Location Sound Mixer

Grant has a diverse body of work in video production, including numerous commercial, feature length, short film, and documentary credits. Grant made the transition to Production Sound five years ago, but has been steeped in the sound world for the last decade as a recording and touring bassist for local rock outfit, Battlehooch. Grant is naturally curious by all things sonic and inspired by the power and mystique sounds have on our everyday lives.

Jesse Holmander – Production Assistant

Jesse is a traveling meta-philosopher exploring the nature of Truth. In his journey, he has derived what he believes to be useful information detailed in his book, Primus Compare. He asks that the information in this book and the continuation of his work is utilized to develop systems and methods that can help shed some light in the darkness so that we as a global community may heal and live harmoniously.


Glen Piegari - Sound Recordist

Glen has traveled to some of the more remote places of the globe recording all manner of sounds from Theravada monks and Ugandan choirs, to macaws, chameleons, and howler monkeys. His favorite things to record are still passionate individuals saying interesting things.

Trey Trumble - Aerial Cinematographer

Donald Edward Trumble III, “Trey”, grew up in Richmond, Virginia and graduated from James Madison University with a degree in graphic design. He obtained his sport pilot’s license and established Force Aerial, LLC an aerial cinematography business based in Richmond, VA. Some of his clients through Force Aerial include Apple TV, John Deere, Jaguar, and National Geographic.

Post Production

Logan Romjue - Sound Editor / Sound Mixer

Logan received her BA from Emerson College in audio production/sound design and currently runs her own sound company, Rogue Post, while working on her MBA at Cal State Long Beach. She has collaborated with directors and producers on a wide range of media from feature films, short films, podcasts, commercials, and documentaries. Logan is passionate about blending audio elements into a cohesive soundscape and loves exploring the way sound in film alters our emotions.


Nathaniel Stubblefield - Technical Services

Nathaniel Stubblefield wears many personal and professional hats: husband, father, IT consultant, web developer, graphic designer, audio engineer, and many more. Having met Danny on a production a few years back he is excited to collaborate with her on the Superpower Film.

Daphne Church – Marketing & Communications

Daphne brings more than 20 years of experience in developing integrated marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 companies. In 2013, she founded her own agency to help organizations like ours that are trying to make a positive impact on the world succeed. She is also an HSP (highly sensitive person) and an empath so helping to share this message with the world is both professional and personal for her.

Craig Thigpen – Art Director

Craig is a Bay Area designer who found his passion for creating immersive user experiences while getting his degree in Psychology with an emphasis in human factors. He has worked internationally, in-house, and remotely on projects for leading brands, agencies, startups, and charities. He cares deeply about creating world-class, useful, and beautiful designs that help people and make a difference.

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